Introducing: Mobile CodeCamps

One of the greatest rewards in life is the feeling of satisfaction that is gained when you are able to share knowledge with others. This is something that I have always believed and enjoyed doing with the teams that I have led or otherwise guided over the years. The mobile application landscape is prime with challenges and opportunities to learn and expand. For example, many of the best ideas in the mobile app landscape were not born from people with a hardcore development background… Instead they came from Joe Simple and Jane Realist… In other words, regular people that see the world and its challenges very differently from those that are trained to see problems at the code level. This is the objective of our code camps – to bring a new fold of creative thinkers (normal everyday people) up to a level that will allow them to bring some #awesome #ideas to market.

Not a crashing-crash-course

This isn’t going to be the typical two day crash course, but rather an interactive, hands on series with a physical classroom presence. We chose this option because with a classroom setup, the team will be able to work with our students at the individual level. We don’t want anyone to leave without having a full grasp of all the content that we deliver. At the end, we are aiming to have all students leave with 100% retention of all the skills that are delivered.  Don’t worry though, the entire class content will be available online for those that prefer to learn at their own pace (URL to be provided at a later date, but if you are excited send an email to info @ to be added to the early access list).

In addition to the above, the courses are structured in a modular fashion that takes the student from #ZeroToHero in a short time, by covering basic programming constructs all the way up to advanced topics bridging into software architecture. Students will have the ability to pickup modules where they are most comfortable.

So, who is this course for?

Well, the course is primarily for people that have no programming experience. If you have considered a career change, or you just have great ideas but have no knowledge of the app development process; the series is written just for you!

In summary, we are very excited to see the brilliant apps that will be born out of this course and look forward to working with each of you in the near future.

– Martello Jones


Published by Martello Jones

I enjoy working on interesting projects that make life better.

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