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It has been almost a year since the last blog entry – sad, I know… But we haven’t been sitting idle. Instead, the time has been spent refining ideas and hammering out small projects towards a larger goal. That goal, is simply to bring a product to market that will change people’s lives, for the better.

Millennial problems

shutterstock_581002882Before moving to Canada, one of the struggles I had to deal with was accessing learning material that could help propel my career. Living on a beautiful little rock in the Caribbean sea, cost was always the toughest barrier to clear:

  • Good learning material in 2006 was expensive. $450 USD for a course meant finding $17,000 JMD. Today, that same online course costs $300 but now translates to $37,800 JMD. Not a pretty penny.
  • Some industries are volatile and change faster than disposable income can be generated. By the time a university graduate could muster up $300 and buy an online course, that course or parts of it were no longer valid…

When I came to Canada, I thought this problem would be a non-issue but the more I dug my feet into the industry and connected with professionals in the same age group, I realized the problem was not bound by a location or exchange rate. It was a universal problem, that when adjusted for economics still had cost barriers. Cost as a barrier easily stacks with other challenges to make equipping yourself with essential tools a non-starter. An example of this “multi-barrier” can be seen by women, who (more often than not) face salary inequity which makes breaking that cycle magnitudes more difficult. Education is expensive. Digital learning, while cheaper is not cheap.

I am not a fan of barriers and so, in 2017, I started brainstorming with a good friend and business partner (@CecilClarkeJr) about how we can literally rip down the wall of costs prohibiting young people from achieving more.shutterstock_201124916

From this shared desire to lower digital learning costs, a mobile app, Åutotröf was born.

Solving the cost problem

IMG_1345Åutotröf is built around a community driven philosophy. Most content will be free. Forever. The community moderates the content, blockchain technology secures & distributes it. This model eliminates multiple layers of complexity & expenses that usually end up as a cost to the consumer. Our aim with Åutotröf is to create a platform where QUALITY content that would have been priced around the $300 mark, costs less than 15 large coffees at large chains like Starbucks or Tim Horton’s. Admittedly, this is a tall order, but it is the goal that we have set out to accomplish. We want millennials to be able to upgrade their skills without burrowing into debt or otherwise lowering their quality of life.

Solving the content problem

Making content is easy, and any member of the community will have the ability to do so. Making great content, however, is a science. When our systems are near release, the plan is to onboard industry leaders in digital learning into our platform. Obviously, there needs to be an incentive to get the “best of the best”. More details on this will be available at a later date, but rest assured, every single member of our platform’s ecosystem will benefit in a shared success model.

Where we are at

Our mobile app is approximately 55% complete (feature-wise), and demo-able as a POC for serious investors. We’ve pivoted two times on the mobile app to make sure it is as simple as possible and fits in with the overall platform philosophy. Development of our blockchain solution is starting very soon – we are currently evaluating the best chain(s) to mate up with the architecture, user experience and revenue model.

In closing, all I can say is expect reeeeeally big things in the coming months… If you are interested in disrupting the digital learning economy, join us on the journey. Leave us some comments so that we can know if you are as excited about this as we are. If you are a blockchain developer or investor interested in helping us build this dream, drop us a line via email – info@konsoltcorp.com – or

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/autotrof

Twitter: @CecilClarkeJr

Twitter: @AutotrofDigital

Twitter: @KonsoltCorp

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