Switching Git Service Providers

If you are like myself, you would probably have setup a GitHub account some time ago, and just never looked back.  GitHub is a great service for those of us actively using git to manage our project source files. It is worth paying for – if you can justify the perks that come with the non-basic plans.  In my situation, this is not the case as I have over 15 projects in GitHub, but none of them are public.

After reviewing my setup, I realized I was more or less wasting $12/month, because BitBucket has a free tier that gives 5 free users, and unlimited private repos! Read More

The Growing GitHub/Recruitment Dilema

If you are a software developer of any flavor, and do not know what GitHub is, I think it is safe to say that you are living quite comfortably under a very, VERY large rock!
:D. Whether you are a seasoned #GitHacker or new user, there is a trend that has been on the rise that can assist your career growth as much as it can destroy it:

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